Construct-ed Crusade

Klunk's Memoirs

So its been nearly 2 weeks since I was brought into this existance of being the stalwart companion to Kieren. It has been an interesting couple of weeks. Kieran seems to have a peculier interest in dressing me most ridiculously; although I’m growing rather fond of my hat. He also has an odd knack for insisting whenever we’re going around town if not addressing urgent or important matters that I always be escorted by beautiful women one on each arm. Other than his odd eccentricities’ I’m rather fond of Kieran thus far. In our first week together we were recruited by a little bubbly gnome to get her a list of reagents and materials for a project she was working on. Only to find out later on that week, (at a god awful time of the mourning mind you) the place we visited to retrive the list’s contents, has caused us to commit some sort of crime according to Guild Master Cleatus. All documents and items found had to be returned due to the suspicious old mans hole ridden story about it being some experimental lab or some such. I’m sure there is more to it all than he was letting on. So we returned the stuff we had found but Kieran managed to conceal a black tome from Cleatus that he found. After Cleatus departed Kieran immediatly decided this warranted further investigation. So we went out in search of this little gnome who seemingly got us into this mess to begin with. With some avail we managed to find her locked up in a local barracks; some smooth talking on Kierans part managed to get us a brief audience with the little gnome. What should have been a source of valuable information turned out to be just warnings of danger and mixed messages about some failed date. After seeming hitting a dead end we decided to retire for the eve. In my time with Kieran thus far I’m begining to peg kieran as a man of action. That is of course untill he decided to sleep for the next 11 hours including right through us being kidnapped and sent to a dungeon to rot in. Although I wasn’t aware untill he awoke that the tome he had concealed from Cleatus was the cause of his unnatural sleep. After waking and coping with the fact that we have been left for dead in this dark place it seemed about time to find our way out of this place. We met a blind thief named Simone that was caught and had her eyes removed by her captors. We joined forces together in order to try to escape this place. After gut squishing battle with some oddly inteligent spiders we came across a secret passage. It seemed to be the original resting spot for old sleepy tome. Thankfuly Kieran slept alot earlier so this time he wasn’t feeling particulary tired when dealing with ol sleepy tome this time. Now this was exciting cause moments later we were talking with Illumitor the one who brought about my very existance in ancient times when he created the first of constructs. Again our party grows bigger as we head into the lower level of this dungeon. Illumitor takes pride in desecrating an ancient enemys grave in the level below and then shortly there afterwards we encounterd a rather comical but seemingly not very bright aberition bent on insisting he would destroy us, boy did he eat those words. With the way out clear, some new found coin and merch, we made our way out and headed for home.

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